Friday, September 10, 2010

Chapter 1 part 2

Still at Phuket (Second day)

August 7th,its our second day at phuket,the rest of of the crew woke up at 7.30 to get ready to pickep up by a driver from a travel agent that we book the day before.We booked a trip to Phi phi island(yeayyyy).we are very anxious,especially me(lol).im the first guy who standing outside our guest house,to waited our driver,unfortunatelly until 15 past 8 they didnt pick us up.

Finally after almost an hour of waiting,a blue van pick us up.Inside the car we have the usual chit chat about the trip and the people back home.It took us around an hour thanx to the driver,who do some personal bussines by go to his friends and etc.Actually the distance its not far away from our hostel at Soi bansan.

We arrive at the harbour(small one).we(actually some of us.LOL) take couple picture as u can see below

Me with my stuff(Tripod,backpack full of shirt and underwear)



30 Minutes of waiting and some chit chat with other tourist from South Africa.Finally we got in the speed boat.The boat is content with chinese,indonesian(us),egyptian,spaniard,and last but not least the fussy Iranian.They keep screaming and yelling,thank god they sit in front part of the speed boat.This is there pict(The guy in blue is the leader of the "pack" and the only english spoken Iranian in the boat)

The wave that we through are pretty high.But it doesnt makes me abandon my hobby which is photography.Its pretty hard to take a picture with a dslr while ur in the bumpy ride like that,but i do my best to record the scenery of the trip by keep aiming my camera and keep shooting like crazy.

Well the picture above is the back part of the famous Maya bay beach(the in the Leonardo D Caprio movie"the beach").We didnt very fortunate to go to the maya bay due to the weather.But if it happen to you,dont worry the scenery of the back part of maya bay its breath taking,it is surrounded by gigantic mossy limestone.ohhh man its looks just like heaven.You can swim around.

During midday we have lunch at....hmmm i dont remember the name of the island.but i think for sure the dish its pretty good.they serve a seafood with a cashew nut.Its taste good for me but not for Jeje and the gang.

After we had lunch we heading our way to the last island of the trip.Its just 20 minutes away if im not mistaken.The name of the island is Khai nak island.mannnn ihave to admit this island doesnt over any interesting spot to have some fun,when we arrive all of the sudden its raining,So me and my friends just sat under the shelter,while we talk,the tour guide(I dont remember his name) his a laos born thai.He gives me a tiny bite of local delicacy,and again i dont remember the name is,it is a colored Bakpao with a sweet redbean inside it.Its pretty good pairing for coffee i guess.

5 minutes thats how long the rain pouring the island,actually this happen pretty often when we are in Phuket,sometimes it only took 3 minutes(on my count).Its more like a sprinkle system rather than a rain right???.LOL

Just before we are leaving the island,me and Andre join a volley ball game againts the the crazy Iranian.At the end of the game,"where do you come from?" he asked,"Indonesia sir" i reply.All of the sudden.This Iranian scream to his iranian friends while his pointing finger pointed at us."ISLAM ISLAM ISLAM!!!!".It shock me for a while.ahahahahah.He seem pretty happy if he saw a people with same religion as he is(but the fact im not).In the end i found that the Iranians are fun despite the screaming and whining during our way back home.ahahahaha.U rock guys!!!

Finally we arrive at the small quay that we left before.When we arrive,we realise that our driver is missing.(cool aint it).but shortly after that the tour guide told us that our transportation are swap to another travel agent.hhmmmm.What a shitty travel agent is that.

Well after an hour finally we arrive at our hostel and thats wrap up our day
But we still dissapointed for the fact we miss the maya bay part and the monkey island,the monkey its not as much as in Uluwatu,Bali.If you looking for monkeys Uluwatu might be the place to be.Viking cave??,well we only seen from a distance,i dont think there is a lot of things to do there,its just a cave surrounded by spiky stones.

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